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We are a clinic devoted to the advanced treatment of fungal toenails to give you perfect looking toenails. Our approach is anchored in scientific research, utilising clinically validated laser technology. At Laser Nail Technologies, we take pride in offering fungal toenail treatment with our Yag laser which is a safe, efficient, and state-of-the-art solution for tackling fungal nail conditions. This innovative treatment ensures precision, efficacy, and comfort, all with the added benefit of no recovery downtime.

How it Works

At Laser Nail Technologies, we utilise the cutting-edge 1064 Yag Laser, a specialised laser treatment for fungal toenail infections. Unlike traditional methods, this laser employs a unique wavelength that targets and destroys the fungus embedded in and under the toenail. The 1064 Yag Laser works by delivering controlled laser energy to the affected area, producing heat that effectively eradicates the fungal organisms without harming the surrounding nail or skin.

This innovative treatment encourages a natural healing process. The heat from the laser not only deals with the infection but also stimulates blood flow to the area. Enhanced circulation promotes healthier nail growth and aids in the recovery of the nail bed and surrounding tissues. The 1064 Yag Laser is known for its precision and safety, ensuring the surrounding healthy tissue remains unaffected.

One of the key advantages of this treatment is its ability to penetrate the nail plate, reaching the fungus at its source. This ensures a thorough and effective treatment, reducing the likelihood of recurrence. Moreover, the procedure is quick, painless, and requires no downtime, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately.

Our use of the 1064 Yag Laser exemplifies our commitment to providing advanced, effective, and patient-friendly solutions for fungal toenail infections.

Why Laser Treatment

What are Fungal Nails?

There are many causes for thick, unsightly or discoloured nails. The most  common cause being Onychomycosis, a fungal infection similar to Tinea that lives on and under the nail bed and nail and affects between 7-10% of the population. This commonly presents as a thickened brittle nail that may be difficult to trim. The nail may turn yellow, brown or white depending on the colony of fungus affecting the nail. As the condition progresses untreated, the nail may become thickened or deformed and the infection may spread to other nails or the skin.

Toenails are affected far more than fingernails as shoes, socks and stockings provide a dark warm moist environment for the infection to proliferate. Until recently, fungal nail infections have been treated with varying results by either a topical nail paint applied to the nail daily for up to 6 months or oral antifungals over a period of 2-3 months which have been associated with unwanted side effects such as loss of taste, loss of smell, liver toxicity, depression and skin reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the procedure we will make an appointment to review you in approximately 3 months. At this appointment we should be able to confirm a return of healthy nail growth. For a full and complete return of a healthy nail the entire nail plate needs to grow through completely which may take between 12-15 months.

No, the treatment will not cause a loss of the nail. In extreme cases the affected nail may be reduced significantly in the pre-treatment phase to allow for best treatment results, but the laser treatment itself will not result in a loss of the nail.

No, the treatment is not covered. In some circumstances you may be able to claim the consultation portion of your treatment. If you are unsure please speak to one of our friendly staff.

Following the treatment you will be able to wear socks and shoes immediately. Depending on your presentation the podiatrist may advise certain shoes or footwear to maximise the treatment efficiency.

No. There are usually no postoperative paints that need to be used following laser treatment. However in difficult or long standing infections we may prescribe a topical ointment for you.

Yes, you will be able to wear socks and shoes directly after the procedure.

The procedure is performed by a podiatrist with laser therapy accreditation.

The treatment only works on discoloured nails that are a direct result of fungal infection. This is why it is necessary to have an initial consultation prior to the treatment. Your condition will be assessed appropriately and your suitability for laser therapy discussed.

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